Logo-Design for student rider smartphone app for chatting and networking with other club members
Winnaar-design van IDDSGN1991

Logo-Design for student rider smartphone app for chatting and networking with other club members

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Deze korte briefing werd door de opdrachtgever geschreven:

Based of the initiative of some german academic riding clubs, we builded a smartphone app for all so-called student riders (Studentenreiter) in Germany. The name of the umbrella organization is German Academic Riding Association (Deutscher Akademischer Reiterverband, DAR, https://dar-online.de/). But as the app is not (yet) an official project from the DAR, we need an own logo for the app. Until now, we are using the logo from one of the initial local clubs, but as we are getting other clubs on bord now, we want to have a new, neutral logo. See our current and some screenshots from within the app here: https://apps.apple.com/de/app/studentenreiter-app/id1485715528
With the app, you can find other student riders and chat with them in open or private chats and you can organize events with the app. So it would be good, if the logo shows the networking spirit. I think therefore it would be good to see at least one rider and not just a horse.

By the way: We also created our company log (https://connact.app) with the help of designenlassen.de and really liked the large amount of logo drafts. So we are looking forward to the next project with the designer community.
Conceptuele formulering
If possible, the logo should combine riding and networking / digital / smartphone aspects.

Just some examples:
- A rider who is based on 'bits and bytes' or switch plate/motherboard, like https://cutt.ly/vrqXP2G
- Two riders which are connected somehow
- a rider with a smartphone/in a smartphone
- a rider and a share icons https://cutt.ly/hrqXSxT

designonclick.com is een eenvoudig, snel en risikoloos alternatief voor een professioneel logo-design aan een betaalbare prijs.
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