FlagStore - Simple Logo Design for a young vintage brand
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FlagStore - Simple Logo Design for a young vintage brand

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Deze korte briefing werd door de opdrachtgever geschreven:

We are a young fashion start-up that produces handmade bags and clothes out of used and damaged banners and flags of cities and states within Switzerland. Since about one year we produce handmade sport bags as you see them in the pictures below.
Our main customers are of the “Hipster Generation”/ “Generation Y” which like to buy handmade stuff in good quality for an accurate price. Now we want to sell our products in the internet as well as in stores and therefore we need a brand and a logo.
Conceptuele formulering
We are searching for a logo that we can place on a rectangular piece of leather to then apply it to our bags and clothes as label. The logo should consist of a symbol and the brand name or both combined.
We want to either embroider or punch (emboss) the logo into the leather; therefore it should be designed very simple. Our brand includes three kinds of logos: FlagStore, FlagBag and FlagWear. All of the three should be designed exactly the same, just with the different word. It is up to you whether you want to write the Logo in capital, bold or small letters and in what style.
Beside of the text part we want to have a symbol like a simplified banner or flag. We also thought of the idea to design the first letter “F” (eg. first letter in the word FlagBag) in the style of a small simple banner/flag. The logo “FlagStore” should have to work as the title picture on our Webstore. Since we use old and very used flags and banners, our logo should be in a certain vintage look and point out what we do and stand for.

designonclick.com is een eenvoudig, snel en risikoloos alternatief voor een professioneel logo-design aan een betaalbare prijs.
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