Icon design for hotel consulting services
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Icon design for hotel consulting services

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Deze korte briefing werd door de opdrachtgever geschreven:

The Company:

We sell hotel consulting services for hotels that want more profits, guiding documentations (working procedures, etc), more time for their personal life.

Target Audience:
Hoteliers (Hotel owners), Male, 45 Y/O Married, 2 Kids (Teenagers), Makes all the decisions, is stressed from the job, have troubles with communicating with their employees especially on a human/emotional level.

Challenges & Pain Points:
Stress/Tired/Passive-Aggressive at times, If Hotelier (Hotel Owner) is sick then the hotel is in danger because hotel owner does most of the tasks, takes care of many things, is the decision maker and has liabilities/responsibility Internal communications with their employees (emotional issues),

Role & Purchase Process:
Wife makes most decisions.

Objections to sale:
Too Expensive
Bad Experience with other Hotel Consulting Businesses

Sources of Information:

Books: Philosophical/Spiritual Books

Goals: More Profit per Client, More Revenue, More Time for family and his personal life, Maybe selling the hotel in the future, future-ready against competition (Airbnb, etc)

Values: Integrity, Loyalty, Cleanliness, Family-friendly
Conceptuele formulering
Wireframe for Website:


Please don't comment, only if you have something you can't tell me in a private message.

I need 21 Icons, for all the 3x3 tables in the wireframe until the point where it says ---- no icons here ---

Should be pretty straightforward, just use your imagination to make the best possible choices and designs and communicate well if you have a problem (e.g. you don't have an idea for a certain icon).

Logo Design is kind of the flow that should go into the icons, so kind of monochrome and elegant but I would like to see a hint of color every now and then (or maybe on every icon) to create a little detail eye candy for the person looking at the icons and value propositions (to highlight certain parts of the icons that are most relevant to the value being transmitted/sold)

designonclick.com is een eenvoudig, snel en risikoloos alternatief voor een professioneel logo-design aan een betaalbare prijs.
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